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“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect
food.” – Michael Levine

all you Chocoholics there!

Rage Chocolatier’s endeavor to create a blissful chocolatey experience has led to some of the finest handcrafted homemade chocolates that melt into your senses, not just in your mouth.

Why did it start?

There were regular chocolates and then there were the imported ones. In between, came off-the-shelf and homemade chocolates, carving a niche in the market. But quality suffered due to lack of consistency. Rage Chocolatier started in 2009 to bridge the gap between regular chocolate bars and imported ones, and introduced fine-quality, customized chocolates. A fancy, yet premium brand, Rage Chocolatier was born to stimulate all your 6 senses with love.

Why the name?

Rage symbolizes an “object of widespread enthusiasm" and comes from the saying "all the rage". Our name is inspired by the motive to create Rage with our chocolates – that fervent magic, that marks the beginning of grandeur and goes on to become a rage. A guru in premium chocolates, Rage symbolizes the passion every bite sparks off in your soul!

Why us and what’s special?

We use only premium quality ingredients and all the flavors are added in perfect proportions. We don't focus only on the chocolate. We strive to make the entire experience – right from choosing the flavor to packaging with a message – a wonderful one.

Don’t miss our superb packaging and customizations!
We take special interest in crafting exquisite boxes for chocolate delivery.

The Chocolate affair

People are growing tired of gifting sweets and dry fruits on special occasions and in corporate parties. There is a dire need for fresh options and that’s exactly what we have in our range of chocolates.

Oh Womaniya!

We live in an era of women’s empowerment. And with the winds of change one day, came Rage Chocolatier – an idea driven by independent thinking, entrepreneurship, and the passion that makes love a powerful concept.

Chocolatey trivia

Did you know that chocolate triggers certain endocrine glands to release hormones that make you happy? Chocolates help you beat depression and stress, and everyone knows that a stress-free life is the secret to youthful disposition!